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I purchased a complete quarter window set from Sasha Oldenburger ([email protected]) for my 1994 Caprice. Included perfect quarter windows, sails, trim (choise of color) and step by step directions. Shipping was fast, packing was another story! Took me as long to unpack as to install, he packs with care and does ot spare on the material. Install went by the book, looks nothing less then great! Set from NAISSO goes for nearly $650.00 plus shipping, yes they send you the deer emblems also! However, for $375.00 I found it quite easy to purchase my own emblems. Sashas is easy to contact and aims to please. Body man was amazed at the fit and alingment, no adjusting, just paint! From my point of view you can not go wrong with Sasha! Sasha, thanks for the quality product and the huge savings!
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