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Question about error code 00-42, tried search and FAQ but didn't help me

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Finally got my 94 fleetwood back up and running, optispark seal on the timing chain cover was shot and loaded opti with oil. New one is on along with new harness, coil and ICM. Only issue now is the check engine light is on and I'm showing an
"00-42 ignition control (IC) circuit (shorted or grounded circuit)" I tried unhooking negative cable three time for 5 minutes, I can turn the key to the on position and the code will be gone but the moment I restart the car the code comes back.
Also now both fans run the moment I turn the car on, not sure if that's related.
I don't know if it matters but I we did drop the coil wire in the antifreeze container but pretty sure we dried it off good and I don't seem to have and misfires or stumbling.

I know what the code says but I have no clue what the cause is or how to fix it.
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quick search for code 42 comes up notes wiring short

GM OBD I Diagnostic Trouble Codes¦ Complaints Possible Causes,Corrections

also the ICM
well damn how the hell did I miss that one, I don't know what the hell I did, I checked a bunch of cables and nothing looks broke, only think I could see is when I re-attached the three little ringlet wires to the stud on the coil they might have been touching the screw on the icm but I adjusted them now so their not.
the link showed what wires # to trace from ECU. In order to check those thoroughly you would need to meter from the ECU connector to ground to see if it has continuity to ground (it should not)

since you swapped opti harness and ICM and now have a code....I would try putting the old ICM back on and if that is not it put the old opti harness back on

Basically backtrack what you swapped and carefully check the wires of the plugs that go into them
Went out to mess with the car again, not sure but I think when first reinstalled the new coil and ICM those three wires with the eyelets that bolt to the stud on the front of the coil touched the mounting bolt for the ICM, I guess it must have done something to it. I had the battery unhooked for half an hour while I put the old ICM back on and it fired up no problem 5 times in a row and never tripped the code again
so the opti bearing seal blew and oil killed it .
I hope you tested the new opti for leaks on the seals .
so the opti bearing seal blew and oil killed it .
I hope you tested the new opti for leaks on the seals .
I might not have described the situation properly, back in November when my factory opti went out at 161k and a friend gave me what I just found out was a Chandler Motorsports opti. What I didn't realize when we installed it was the large oil seal on the front of the timing chain cover was bad and we never took the opti apart until we removed it and discovered the large o-ring between the two halves was pinched flat in a few spots, the rubber on the timing cover seal literally fell out of the metal ring when we touched it. We replaced the seal on the cover with a new one and took the advice of many a topic I read via google searching and added locktite to the rotor bolts and a bead of rtv on the new opti before reinstalling.
Phil, PM sent.

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