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I dont know the weight, but I believe everyone uses the F-body shocks

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You will hate that hood.

Sell it to me.

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went ahead and ordered these lifts to alleviate the issue of the bowed hood I have from StreetTrends.

Found out that the stock lift supports are rated around 145 lbs.

So i went with 107 lbs. They work fine.

BEST of all they are a direct fit. 10mm Ball fitting on each end and snap in place.

Theres no having to retro fit to a 6mm ball.

The site is

The ones I ordered are 48127 with steel fittings. You can get them cheaper if you specify plastic.

Evidently they are made by Strongarm. However the selection is wide , you can literally specify lengths in 0.01" increments.

Here are some details. Yeah , they were $23 each, for steel, $16 each for plastic. Factory is plastic, but the steel ones are plated and looked nicer.

Name Lift Supports Depot - Gas Spring / Lift Support - 48127S10W
Manufacturer Lift Supports Depot
Body End Description Ball Socket Claw (Steel) Type=10mm=3/8"=.39"
Shaft End Description Ball Socket Claw (Steel) Type=10mm=3/8"=.39"
SKU 48127S10W
Extended Length A [in] 21.93
Compressed Length B [in] 13.83
Stroke C [in] 8.10
Lifting Force [lbs] 107.00
Rod Diameter 0.31
Extended Length [mm] 557.02
Compressed Length B [mm] 351.28
Stroke [mm] 205.74
Force Neutons 476N
Rod Diameter [mm] 8
Sold As each
Quantity Per Application 2
Shaft Color Anodized Aluminum
Thread Size M6 X 1.25
Cylinder Diameter 0.75
Cylinder Diameter [mm] 19
Body Connector Part Number RDY10YM6X125
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