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I've got some time and a mill and was thinking of thinkg of making a set of extended lower control arms. If anybody has any drawings or suggestions that would be great.

Something I was wondering was what type of bushings I should use or if I should stick to the stock size of bushing (would there be an advantage of using a larger size bushing?).

I saw a set of upper/lower bushings here:

for $80. Doesn't that seem kind of high for a set of of urethane bushings? I'm also curious to know if Global west sells the bushings that come in the LCAs sperately.

Any ideas?


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That's about the going rate for the set of bushings. And no, GW doesn't sell their bushings separately.

Be aware that if you do longer lower arms, it is MANDATORY that you ALSO do longer UPPER arms as well. That is, unless having the pinion angle so far off that changing U-joints with every tank of gas is your idea of fun :D

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Try here for bushings

Part way down the page you will find specs for building Mustang arms.
I based my rear arms on these specs , but with a correct length and width for the "B" car.
The bushings are three piece. Two flanged outers with some give for chassis roll and a rock hard center for fore to aft location.
They have been in for about a year and so far so good.
Although the arms I made are steel the bushings don't care.
Regards, Gerry Charlesworth
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