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Ok so I already posted a Q about battery ground in electrical section...but basically I wrecked my 96 DCM and recently got another 96 this ones a DGGM...anyways I'm redoing dynamatting the car probably tmrw or the next day and had a few questions about sound quality....

1) I have speaker pods for front and rear doors (6.5" components up front and 6.5" regulars in rear doors) and was wondering if I should just dynamat and seal the door as completely as possible from the door panel as I did on my other car or leave a port into the door shell behind speaker, thoughts on how it effects sound i.e. bass and treble?

2) when dynamatting the trunk is it best to dynamat everything including under reardeck and on the interior side of rear deck or?

3) if i were to make a port in rear deck to the trunk would this change answer to my 2nd question above?

Thanks for any input!
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