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Quickest/ Fastest Fleetwood?

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Just curious...did some searching and most of the older threads are dead. Who has run quick (1/4) in a Fleetwood??

I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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I know Russty and CustomCaddys have built pretty quick Fleetwoods, but I'm thinking there are some out there that are faster.

One time I took my Fleet to a shop and the mechanic couldn't stop talkin about it. He said he loved them and thought they were great sleepers, etc. Then he told me his shop teacher in high school had one with 2000 HORSEPOWER. I almost fainted. He told me about all the mods and it sounded ****in impressive. I've never heard a peep about such a car on this forum or anywhere else for that matter. Just out of the one guy's mouth. He didn't sound like he was bull****ting, though.
I actually encountered that car at the dragstrip in Byron a few years ago. It's a beast.
just bringing this back up..

iirc fasstwood hit 13.5 with his single turbo setup?
twin turbo one on YouTube but no details...

ive got a slip... but remaining snky snky for now
You're ****in killing me, bro! We need YouTube vid action! :D
I'm always down to kick it at Byron :)
Where have you been? What's up with the Fleetwood?
Who has the fastest stock heads/cam Fleetwood?

I'm trying to come up with some sort of goal to shoot for... haha.
Buddy, E Chapa ran his "fowl owl" 95 fleetwood at Cecil County, MD on Dec 4, 2016.
I believe it ran 13.2 @ 105 mph. Stock head 350LT1 w/ hotcam.
It has nitrous too, but bottle was only at 3 lbs and probably only sprayed a 20 HP shot, LOL :(

I'm assuming he at least upgraded the rockers and springs on those stock heads, right? What converter and gears does he have?

I'm shooting for 12.9, but I will almost certainly fall short and end up in the 13's.
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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