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Quickest/ Fastest Fleetwood?

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Just curious...did some searching and most of the older threads are dead. Who has run quick (1/4) in a Fleetwood??

I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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just bringing this back up..

iirc fasstwood hit 13.5 with his single turbo setup?
twin turbo one on YouTube but no details...

ive got a slip... but remaining snky snky for now
lol i'd say i'm around 80% done editing... hopefully soon depending on how things go

You're ****in killing me, bro! We need YouTube vid action! :D
hey boys, i put her on the back burner for a while.. she's just been sleeping in the garage on 3 year old slicks.

basically 11.90s NA on the old crappy fueling setup and very tired et streets @ 4100 raceweight (have slips in the garage somewhere) but with as fast as all the newer stock cars are...

i was just pissed that i kept collapsing lifters & never got a clean nitrous pass with the rim-screwed slicks & magnafuel/cell/parallel rail setup.

getting the itch, need to go through it all and then do more tuning with ed
not sure if it's just age, or has to do with how hot my garage gets in the summer... but so far all i have is an old faded 1/8th slip on motor.

attached. better than nothing i suppose.


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1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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