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Quickest/ Fastest Fleetwood?

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Just curious...did some searching and most of the older threads are dead. Who has run quick (1/4) in a Fleetwood??

I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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Kind of a random chime in however, a few weeks ago I brought my 94 to the track for street night.

first pass was a 16.02 @ 87.80 with a .563 R/T and 2.56 60'

best pass was a 15.86 @ 87.94 with a .700 R/T and 2.36 60'

worst pass was a 16.32 @ 87.61 with a .315 R/T and 2.74 60' knocked the tires off that one...

car is totally 100% stock just maint items and I had extra clothes tools spare tire and stuff in the trunk. Want to try some basic bolt ons etc etc but I need it for a daily while my truck is in the body shop. Once thats done we will see!
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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