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Quickest/ Fastest Fleetwood?

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Just curious...did some searching and most of the older threads are dead. Who has run quick (1/4) in a Fleetwood??

I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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Almost done with my 94. Hoping for a 9.99. LY6/4l80e/s480. Not sure the last time I updated my thread on here. I will take a look.

EDIT:Yeah, not much to update. Do have all the parts to finish it. Need it to warm up a bit.
I'm outside of chicago. Car is not finished yet.
Sold the lq4 and got an ly6. It was junk. Have a gen 4 alum 5.3 at the machine shop. Going .020 over with wisecos and eagle h beams, stock crank. It will run this spring!!!
cool any pics? i should be up and running way before spring.
No pics at the moment. But clean tx car, c6z brakes, c7 base wheels, lowered, big sway bars, t4 s480, 4l80e, ford 9. Should move out.
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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