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Quickest/ Fastest Fleetwood?

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Just curious...did some searching and most of the older threads are dead. Who has run quick (1/4) in a Fleetwood??

I'm thinking about giving it a shot
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cool to see but there might be yet still another LT powered FWB to come out of the woods. i figured an ls swap would be out there. Gotta show some LT love stay tuned got one coming soon.
im in homestead,fl is rpm's car finished tho?
sucks there isnt a fleetwood/roadmaster section on the dynamic ET page would like to see what the fastest bolton Dbody was? no power adder or H&C, i will be revording a couple bolt on passes before getting deep into this FWB.

if anyone has any personal fleetwood ET's would be great to see.
reviving this thread somewhat i will be posting some pics on my recent fleetwood build anyone else...
whats his SN on the forum?

Buddy, E Chapa ran his "fowl owl" 95 fleetwood at Cecil County, MD on Dec 4, 2016.
I believe it ran 13.2 @ 105 mph. Stock head 350LT1 w/ hotcam.
It has nitrous too, but bottle was only at 3 lbs and probably only sprayed a 20 HP shot, LOL :(

cool any pics? i should be up and running way before spring.

Sold the lq4 and got an ly6. It was junk. Have a gen 4 alum 5.3 at the machine shop. Going .020 over with wisecos and eagle h beams, stock crank. It will run this spring!!!
1 - 8 of 35 Posts
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