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Check out my newly assembled Pit Stop Furniture. The Chair looks like a GT3 version and comes in Black, Red and Silver. The chair design is several inches wider than an actual race seat for comfort; and it is comfortable. You can change up the colors on the suspension spring, caliper, and coil over shocks between red, black and silver. Glass can be black, red or clear, and can be interchanged between the desk and trays. I have arranged for a special offering for Impala SS Forum Members. You receive complimentary embroidery, Deer Logo, Impala SS Logo, Supercharged, etc. (customer's choice); and a free Diamond Plate Chair Mat with every purchase. Quite the deal. I am still deciding where to position this in my office. You can order online (Cool Web Site), but if you call this company direct and tell them you are a Impala SS Forum Member, you will receive the additional items and Free Shipping.


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