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I posted this in another thread but thought I'd post a new thread with this info in case someone was interested in replacing all of the coolant hoses, tee, and restrictor.

I found these part numbers during my search for alternate radiator and heater hose part numbers and part numbers for the Tee and Restrictor for my '96. Other years or models may differ. It should be expected that these part numbers be confirmed for fitment. However, I did install these hoses and they fit good. The only hose that fit a little different was the water pump to the restrictor hose. The radius is a little tighter as it comes around the front of the engine. It's a little closer to the fan belt than the original. It worked fine though.

Upper Radiator Hose - Gates 22116, Dayco 72443
Lower Radiator Hose - Gates 20893, Dayco 71703
Pipe to Throttle Body Hose - Gates 18030, Dayco 87000
Throttle Body to Reservoir Hose - 10219445 (not available), use 24" length of 3/8" straight heater hose or equivalent
Water Pump to Restrictor Hose - Gates 28469 (you might just want to match a hose to fit since this hose's bend is not in the same place as the original) It works but a better solution can probably be found even if it needs to be cut to fit.
Water Pump to Tee Hose - Gates 28469
Tee to Reservoir Hose - Gates 19625, Dayco 88371
Tee to Heater Core Hose - Gates 19078
Restrictor to Heater Core Hose - Gates 19079, Dayco 87880
Restrictor - 15-5423, Four Seasons 74795 or 5961, 10157988 (I found this part at Auto Zone under part number 74795 at @ $11-$12)
Tee - 12522867 (I only found the one GM part number for this part)
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