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I have a '95 ex-CHP admin 9C1. At various locations throughout the car there are flat braided copper straps bolted between major body parts, such as: firewall studs to back of engine, hood to fender, trunk to fender, rear bumper to bottom of trunk, etc.

I know from reading Chevy brochures that these are radio bonding straps, intended to make many surfaces fully grounded for police radios and/or antennas. I have removed several of the straps leading to the trunk lid, hood, and from the firewall. I did this solely for appearance-sake since I don't see any benefit to grounding these panels. (There were never any antennas or holes drilled in my big baby anyway.)

My question is, can I remove ALL :eek: of them without consequence? There are a few around the engine and I noticed one going from the alternator to the block. I don't have any extra stereo equipment except for an upgraded Delco CD system (identical to Impalas) and Infinity Kappa speakers that replaced all the factory ones.

I did a search on this forum and found nothing on the straps. I looked in the FSM and didn't find a thing - but I'm not entirely familiar with the FSMs yet. Thanx for your help!
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