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There a bunch of people that were wanting a GP, here we go.

All kit come with the following:
RAISS intake
Matching AF-2
Crome or Black Filter
maf cord
mounting hardware

Satin (Raw) Retail price is $400.00
GP Price is $360.00 Shipped

Gloss Black or Red Retail Price $455.00
GP Price is $399.00 Shipped.

Jet Hot Coated Retail #490.00
GP Price is $439.00 Shipped

Chrome Air Pump Filters are $12.50 extra shipped with a kit.

We ned 10 orders to do a GP, you can use my web page or call the shop to order.

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Is there an option for the larger 3.5 filter? The MAF for that is not included right?

Is the boot also differnt for the 3.5 Maf?

Just wondering. I wanted to know if the larger MAF could be adapted easily at a later time w/o needing a differnt boot and filter.

Thanks. Just trying to get some ideas.

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:mad: :mad: Come on guys,lots of you were bItchin for a GP on these.Mike has only 3 on order,4 now with mine.Buy yourself that Xmas present.

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I ordered mine yesterday.

I know I asked a lot of questions... but, at least I ordered one. Decided to get the raw aluminum and paint it white to match my car.

Kevin Thom.
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