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I was bored, so I scanned this picture of the smashed wagon I bought a couple months ago. This picture was taken somewhere in Wisconsin while chainging a trailer tire which got Firestone-itis.
Mind you, a tire cutting loose on the highway with 5000lbs of bigass wagon on the trailer is NO FUN!

This is going to be the 383/T56 wagon:

More pictures to come later...

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Originally posted by Vandal835:
Cool! Its it real hard to get that wagon up on the trailer W/O the drivetarin? What do you tow it with?
Only when it falls off...

That kinda sucked.

Mark / CC

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I acutally found it on ebay in the Parts Cars section. It's all there except for the motor/trans and the obvious damage. The interior is MINT, the body is not perfect, but extremely nice from the firewall back. I bought a 95 9C1 for the sheetmetal and motor. I alreafy bought some 11.5:1 pistons and a 383 crank. It's gonna get the 9c1 rear disc brakes, a T56 with 4.10's, Impy wheels, Chassis Tech spindles....

You should come by to check it out!


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I know this is a long shot but just in case you decide to part it out, I would be interested in driver's side front door and fender. Mine are dented from a deer attack.

Reason I am writing is because it looks like it is the same color as mine, purple metallic.

Otherwise, well otherwise good luck with the install of the new motor.
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