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Re: Coolant Bleeder Valves

Our Coolant Bleeder Valve is what you need for your Chevrolet High Performance Vehicle if getting air out of your cooling system has ever been a problem, or even difficult for you to do.
The vehicles that this valve was intended for include, but are not limited to: Impala SS, Caprice, Firebird, Roadmaster, Corvette, Trans Am

*Our 2-piece Coolant Bleeder vales feature 2 heavy duty rubber seals to prevent leaks from occurring.
*Ridges on valve end for easy opening and closing of the valve with no tools require.
*1/8" NPT threads to directly replace your low-tech OE Bleeder Screw
*A 10mm hex portion to tighten with a 10mm wrench.
*No coolant loss when bleeding the coolant system
*Our provided clear hose will allow you to see when ALL of the air has been removed from the coolant system.

I sell these valves for only 16.99 each.
Get yours at
**Enter bleeder in the customer code section of checkout to receive a 12% discount! This will make your total with shipping only $19.95


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