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Billet Optima Battery Box

Now for sale billet Optima Battery Box fits model 34/78 will not fit other batteries this includes all stainless steel hardware and brackets to mount box to your frame with no additional modifications
Box will come with a brushed finish and correct Impala symbol

Cost total shipped 134.00

Ordering please email me [email protected] please include forum name if you have questions PM me and I will get back ASAP

Ready for shipping now

Payment I accept paypal check and money order these will have to clear before I ship

Thank you for your support and special thanks to STRTWYZ, Midnight Cruise, and RONSS96 for all the help

Sorry all I have are CAD renderings my camera is still in the shop

If anyone has better photos please post

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I have the Caprice one, it kicks ass. I get talked to more about this and the damn dipstick than I do with my new motor and 3" exhaust.
Great Work.

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Since there probably isn't a great enough demand for a Buick emblem instead of the Impala or Caprice, would you consider making one without any emblems?


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I have 2 Caprice remaiming and 2 or 3 Impala's

They have a brushed finished they could be polished if you have the time

I could cut the impala off if thats what you want

Thanks for posting the pic's

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Is there any chance that you'll be making another batch/run of the Impala billet boxes, or maybe even an "SS" billet battery box?


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Sure I'll do more if we have about 10 people who want in and I am working on the SS also have another project on the table think the community will love

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I have been getting request for the battery tray's so I'm opening this thread back up and will run more if there is enough intrest.

I have also been working on a SS the picture is a CAD renderd file sorry for the poor quality its hard to see but the SS is beveled to give it a 3D look.
What do you think?

Will try and get a better pic posted
Click for larger veiw

Here is the list
bigd's96ss Impala
2 other possibles

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