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do a search if you need more information than this..

first off. its a question that is very 'personal taste' besides the basics, and the basics you can find in any magazine for what parts you will need.

second.. figure out what you want out of the system..
a: do you want to lay out
b: do you want to be quick, or just adjustable
c: are you doing this for a performance reason or for looks

then... from here on out its just a matter of what you want to spend...

you need:
4 bags, i prefer slam specialties (some put firestones in rear
1 compressor.. viair 450 i prefer 2
1 air tank.. 5 gallon or 7 gallon.. dont do a 10 or greater without 2+ compressors
4 or 8 valves.. i prefer GC 450's
1 or(2)guages dual needle viair guages avail in black or white face
air line- i am running steel braided, but copper or DOT airline is perfect

lots of time, and lots of money...
dont plan on this job being a cheap one... while you ahve it down, you might as well fix some other stuff while your there too.. ex, body bushings, center that rear wheel, zq8 bumpstops... etc etc..

answer these questions, and we will move on to the next set of answers after that..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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