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What gain in 60' time should I get with my 3:42 and MT Streets by replacing the rear OEM uppers & lowers with aftermarket arms?

I would assume the most gain/benefit, if any, would be from the lowers?


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I may not be the most qualified for this but I'll try. First off, what are your 60' times now? From your sig it doesn't look like you are making more than 300 HP, I think the tires you mentiond will pretty much eliminate any traction problem you might have currently so new CA's won't do much good as far as launches go even w/ you 2200 RPM converter and gears.

I'd try what you have now and see where you are at and compare your 60' times to the times of others that have a similiar amount of power as you.

There are other good reasons to change the arms though.


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Thanks Aaron:

My "best" 60' is 2.061 with my current set-up. On that day (3/3/02) I had.

2.263 (hot lap)

With warmer weather and slicker tracks, I typically have 2.1??-2.2??

I was hoping upper & lower control arms would help.

air bag in RR spring?
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