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The latest incarnation (no pun intended) of the Fatwudy is keeping me occupied and entertained.

I drive it every chance I get. For instance, tonight MrsDoc needed to go across town to the big mall's PETCO store. I jumped at the chance to chauffeur her.

This afternoon after work I dropped by a friend's shop and discussed alarm systems, then had the tint inspected down the block.

Also stopped by a shop on the way home and the "Dent Doctor" said he could repair the transport damage under the mirror for about $75.

Got home and jacked up the backend to remove the gas tank's front heat shield which was hanging by only one bracket and banging like a pie plate. I'll get it brazed up and reinstalled by the weekend.

Then I pryed one of the big honkin' exhaust tips down from the body and hammered the mouth down a bit. Someone drug it on a driveway or, perhaps, the transporter.

We're having GREAT Texas weather. The tropical heat hasn't arrived yet, so I'm trying to get all the little odd's and end's finished before the furnace fires up.

I'm really enjoying working on it and enjoying driving it even more.

btw: On the way to the tint shop on an interstate access road I had to keep a new TransAm honest.

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you know you have the right car when you make up **** to drive it

I like the last part

much luv from the cold ass North East

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i was the same way when i picked up my rmw i jumped at the chance to drive it anytime i could..... toook my younger sisters to school, did arrands for my mom ect.... i love drivin it and puttin the local ricers in there place hahhaha theyll pull up and rev there motors n i laugh they go to jump off the line n i jus leave em in dust
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