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Rear brakes size 1995 Fleetwood Brougham

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Does 1995 Fleetwood Brougham come with 11" x 2" rear brakes? My rear brakes are dragging. I plan to replace wheel cylinders, assuming a sticky piston is the culprit. The hardware looked good (adjuster, etc. no rust).
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Does 1995 Fleetwood Brougham come with 11" x 2" rear brakes? ......

Yes. Limos are slightly larger. Dragging could be leaking bearing/seal galling the shoes.
D....The hardware looked good (adjuster, etc. no rust).

For as cheap as they are, I'd be trying to make any excuse possible to replace ALL the hardware; springs, retractor arm and bushing, pins, retainers.... Not only are they wear items, but fresh is also the best way to stack the deck in the favor of the other parts working properly (cylinders, adjusters...) I got two complete kits when I did all-new drums-shoes-cylinders at 53,XXX.

BTW I've never experienced reliable functioning auto-adjusters on any drum car I ever owned. Maybe a few times the old "slam on the brakes at 30 in reverse worked, but most reliable is in the air with manual friction fit.

Last thing: I cleaned and lubed those adjusters - they were sticky and all bound up.
OK. Then it sounds like the next item to attack is those new cylinders. Other bogies are shoes that grab from being overheated and 'crystalizing'. I had this happen in the '90's pulling a boat a lot. No amount of sanding the shoes could stop the crappy braking and eventually heard about this issue and got new shoes and all better. Also, I 1/2 recall drums can get glazed from contaminants getting burned or 'glazed' in?. Not sure whether turning fixes this or requires complete replacement, but another area to poke into. Maybe I sound like a broken record, but braking is such a Top 3 with me I just replaced 100% of everything to be confident of what I was working with when I picked up the current FWB 3 years ago. Same with the front. I'll likely do the same dam thing with the next 25-year old POS I get. lol

..... i do not like the concept of drum brakes at all. I do not think they are much lighter than disc brakes. ......

+1 to say the least. Thus prompting my swapping out my last FWB to rear disc about 18 years back. I think you've been around here long enough to remember the Navy Lifer FWB Rear Disc Mod. There are a few rarified parts to go with the (might still be available) off-shelf pieces to make an oem quality install. I'm applying $$$ to other areas of my current FWB, but the two brake systems behave differently enough that it'll be worthy of considering in the future.
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I can appreciate a non-infinite budget. Did you do the new cylinders yet though? It's getting to sound like that's the only thing not touched in the last few years. Once those are in you can do a full bleed and errthing should be straight. IDK if ABS cars automatically self-correct for a shifted proportioning valve, but you might do some search just to eliminate that as a cause of your symptoms.
Good point. I guess fastest way to tell if a real livery limo is it'll have no ABS/TC.
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Parking Brake

HUF, the parking brake. Just thought of it. Backing out of the garage my wife's Tribute was dragging a bit, and happened to look down and saw that my SIL had pulled the handle when borrowing it. (he drives a stick). Check yours out for anything out of the ordinary.
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