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Got a problem, I could use some help with.
'91 Brougham. ('90 to '92 body style) Took a minor hit in the passenger side rear 1/4.
No 1/4 damage. No wheel or tire damage. No bent axle, etc
Minor damage was to the dog leg cadding and trim. Major to the wheel lip moulding, and the hubcap!
However,,,,, after the hit, NO rear brakes.
Shoes, spring kit, clys, drum, was part of the all new brake sys upgrade.
Can't bleed. (the rears) Pushed the P'valve plunger in, plunger popped right back out. Still can't bleed.
Got a nother P'valve off a U-pullit-yard Caddy that had complete brakes. Installed, can get the fronts to bleed properly, but cannot get the rears.
Same suggestion as before, "push the plunger on the p'valve in" Problem, it poppes right back out.
NOTHING internal in the drum, backing plate, etc looks damaged,,,,,,,.
What am I missing?

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No,,,,,, ALL lines, flex/steel, was installed at the complete brake upgrade.
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