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Rear seat removal

I want to pull the seat to carry 4 each 6 foot x 12 inch boards for about 1200 miles.
So this is a two part question

1: Have you run for any length of time with the seat out and is there any problem with exhaust gas getting into the car. Mine is a 94 9c1, no known rust or other leaks. I have never noticed any problem with gas before and just wonder if it should be considered.

2: Have you cut the diagonal stiffeners out of the seat back support to open up the "pass through" space. I would like to carry a couple of larger items and it appears the diagonals are only for the seat back. I figure I could fabricate and install a replacement set of bolt in stiffeners out of 1/8th inch plate or similar.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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