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I finally got it done! The parts from Rustic Racing are in (on the back half of the wagon, at least - the front goes in on the 18th)

The details can be found on my CarDomain page. Let me know if anyone needs any additional information about the thrash.

Warning - there is partial nudity! :eek: (but not the kind you're hoping for!)

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Awesome! I got a similar kit from Dick Miller. It's the 7028 on his site. I also got double adjustable QA1 shocks and front springs also. Looks good!

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Yup. Those are some nice looking parts in there too. How on earth do you roll over your arm with a creeper (watch, I'll go and do it now) and can you also bite yourself on the ear?

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... How on earth do you roll over your arm with a creeper (watch, I'll go and do it now) and can you also bite yourself on the ear?
Well, first you get a crummy creeper (small wheels), then jam a wheel in a crack in the sidewalk. Then attempt to reach for an item just beyond your finger tips and off to the left. Scoot your upper body off the creeper, put left shoulder and arm down on the sidewalk and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Still can't quite reach, so you give a little push with your foot and the creeper breaks free and rams your arm, rolling up onto some skin on the way. See how easy it is?

I am still amazed that I didn't end up in the hospital with a split-open head - I don't normally take pain lying down, but I guess I made an exception and refrained from tearing my scalp open on the muffler...

As for biting on my ear, I leave that to the wife, and the mosquitoes. :D

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Thats a fantastic tutorial with pic's I might add. I may be going that route shortly with my 95 Imp and will keep it as my sticky to refer back to. How do you like the ride. The springs and shocks will definitely improve the ride and handling, but wondering if you could tell if the rear LCA/UCA's made a diff.
Thanks! As an engineer, I’m used to reinventing the wheel, but prefer to document the process so that the next poor fool who has to do the same can learn from my mistakes.

The wagon’s ride is great. Unfortunately, I can’t honestly tell you what made the biggest difference. As my page said, I changed everything (arms, springs & shocks) at the same time. The shocks were toast (lots of leaky, dirty goo all down the sides) and the springs were Factory units (at just a tick under 200,000 miles!)…

That said, one of the more interesting changes I have noticed is in cornering. You could feel the suspension soak up the initial steering input, then start to apply it, with the back end almost acting as if it had a big bungee cord resisting the direction of turn. Then as you let out the wheel (going back to straight) there would be a bit of an over steer type correction, where the rear would continue to turn for a brief moment before settling down. My guess us a combination of the roached bushings and flex in the arms, which allowed some shifting in the geometry of the rear (kind of like bump steer is to the front end). There’s none of that now (at least from the back end). Everything is now smooth and even, with no turn-in delay from the back, and no hold-over at the end, either. One particular corner on my commute involves hard braking (50MPH down to 15), then a sharp right turn over some very bumpy pavement. There is almost no thrill anymore, I just blast around the corner without the back end hopping, jumping or skittering.

I also have a 91 Roady Wagon like your's but keep it for long family drives (nice and comfy). Wife's car as well, she likes softer ride.
I got the Vogtland springs from Rustic and there isn’t any noticeable difference from the stockers (but then, the roads here (sunny Tucson, AZ) don’t have the kind of potholes that the folks up in Snow Country get, either). Check with me in another week or two, as I am planning to put the front end in soon. Then I can give you a feel for how things work with Rustic’s arms & the Vogtland springs with Bilstein shocks on all four corners.

Anyway, noticed your wheels, look great. Can't believe though in your Cardomain page that they are 255/55"s, the rear looks bigger than the front with those Kumho's. Have you changed tires since? I was looking to get Impy Wheels if I could but was having a hard time figuring out what the max size I could stuff under the rear wheel well. What have you got on yours? Kumho 711?
I’m still running the Kumho ECSTA 711 255/55r17 on all 4 corners. I did a LOT of research on the web before selecting the size and type of tires. Worked out pretty good, too. I've got about 25kMi on them, and they've got enough rubber to probably make it to 30k. Great tires for what I need. I didn't pay attention to their rating for snow or ice :cool:

The rear wheels have no issues (they clear, just barely (3/4” or so) – no rubbing anywhere), but are tucked so far under the wheel well lip, I needed a bigger jack (taller) to get the car up far enough to change the tire if it ever went flat!

The only problem I have with the front tires (and this may get worse (or better) with the new front end) was the tires rubbed the sway bar at the front of the wheel well, and a cable (for the ABS?) at the rear. The tire rubbing the sway bar just made a little shiny spot, but I went ahead and moved the wire (and it’s clamp) to the underside of the frame, rather than the factory location on the outside of the frame. Now the tire rubs the frame and it, too, has a shiny spot.

Thanks for your help and thanks for your pics. I'm sure a good part of the forum have benefited tremendously.
I try to give back when I can. I have been able to pick some of the brightest minds out there, so it’s my little contribution. Look for another post – on the front end - in a week or two, and hopefully one on the body bushing install some time after that.
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