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I just finished rebuilding the rear suspension. What a job. Not too hard, just lots of time on my back. Here is what I replaced.

Upper and lower trailing arm bushings. (lowers are Metco's)
Springs. (New ST's)
Spring Isolators upper AND lower.
Trailing arm bolts and nuts.
Sway bar bolts, nuts, washers.
Brake rotors (Turned GT's)
Brake lines. (Stainless)
Caliper pins
ATE Super Blue
Wheel Studs
Lug nuts
New Rear tires went on last month

Now I'm about to turn my attention to the front end. I have already replaced shocks and have new springs waiting along with new sway bar bushings and end links. New Tierods, center link and idler arm were installed about a year ago. Do you think I should replace them again? All Moog parts. Anyone in the Chicago area know where I can get the A arm bushings replaced? I'll pull the arms and supply the the bushings. I just don't have a press. I will be replacing the ball joints as well as the steering box. Any other suggestions for parts on a complete rebuild? The complete brake system will be rebuilt too. Most of those parts I already have in stock.


BBHP #13 (With AC once again!)

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TTT, Im also in the Chicago area. Getting ready to rebuild front suspension on Caprice, and in the process of rebuilding suspension on my 77 vette. So...what he said.. :D What brand? Any kits?

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I am also in the Chicago area...and just did the front suspension rebuild. I went with the PST Poly/Graphite SUPER kit that is available here on the forum from Zack Kanter.

Zack Kanter
Power Performance Motorsports
[email protected]

I can say that this kit is VERY complete and has really put my front end back to where it should be and more (see my previsous thread for mor info - search PST install)

The front is a lot of work but you can do it all yourself with common tools. I too did the pressing in/out of all the bushings. The press can be "rented" from Autozone for FREE (worked like a charm)!! And is very easy to use...especially if you have an air wrench!!

Now I need to do the rear end and the whole brake system as well...the projects never end!!

B. Currey
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