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I rebuilt my LT1 using this book: How to Rebuild Small-Block Chevy Lt1/Lt4 Engines Hp1393 (9781557883933): Mike Mavrigian: Books

I liked it. Great step-by-step instructions, all the torque specs are there, tools to use, pictures, etc... It's very complete :)

By it, read it first then keep it close when you're working on the engine.

For your power question, my motor was a basic stock-ish rebuild and I added a cam/rockers/springs and all the bolt-ons afterwards. Made very nice power!
I have a GM 846 cam (Crane 109831), Comp Pro-Magnum 1.6 rockers and Comp springs. IT had a nice and smooth 3000-6000 rpm powerband and a cool lumpy idle.

If it's a true daily driver, you might want to go a little smaller on the cam to keep drivability closer to stock.

Good luck!
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