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Okay guys, I’m a newbie to the performance section, so go easy on me. cwm4 Anyway, the time has come to replace the engine in my 94 RMS. The original one with 261K bit the dust (one burnout too much I guess). So in the garage, I already happen to have a completely disassembled LT1 out of a 94RMS that had 161K on it, and still was in good running condition when I took it apart. I eventually planned on rebuilding it sooner or later (now sooner than later). All bearing surfaces and cylinder walls are in good shape. You can even still see the factory cross hatches. cwm7

But I’m new to building engines. I can yank them out and reinstall them just fine, but I’ve only built one before (a gen 1 SB Chevy) with help from my father when I was 15, and I only retained some of the info on how to do it. So I’ll use this thread to ask all my silly questions….

Now onto the questions:

What all really should be done to the replacement block before I begin rebuilding? I was thinking of taking it to shop to prep it for me (have it cleaned, check for cracks, and possibly have them install new cam bearings and freeze plugs) What should something like this typically cost? Is it really worth it? Or should I just slap new bearings and rings in it and call it good? Should I replace the pistons? Have the crank cleaned up?

Also, if anyone has any advice/suggestions on rebuild kits (stuff to buy or avoid) I’d really appreciate it. I’m not looking to break the bank or build a mean ass race engine, I’m just looking to build a decent engine for a car that gets driven 350 miles a week on average with little extra HP over stock. I was thinking maybe about 325hp at the engine? What kind of cam/springs/RRs should I go with for something like that?

I’m sure I will have a bajillion other dumb questions as I go along. I normally would’ve just searched for this info, but we all know that ain’t of much use on this site anymore. cwm6 When/if I make progess I will post up pics of the build. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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