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Well, call me Michael Junior - for the moment anyway. I have such a deal, you won't be able to refuse. This is time limited, and you have to be registered by 12-31-2019 to take advantage of it. I threw this offer out to my POSSI group, but no one has responded yet. I thought it might get a wider view on this forum. Here goes...

FREE MONEY. Yes, folks, you heard me correctly!

Not that you can afford a new GM vehicle (or any other one for that matter) these days, but I just received a letter from GM, sent to those who still have and use their GM credit cards. I am one of those fools.

They are having an interesting promotion I have never seen before in the 30+ years I have used these cards. Here’s the deal:

From 11/1/2019 to 12/31.2019, I can “gift” up to $1500 to 2 recipients (via a registration system) to be used in the purchase of a new GM vehicle. The gift must be used by the recipient by 6/30/2020. So you have up to 7 months to plan for a GM purchase.

It couldn’t be simpler – free money to be used to buy a new GM product, and that’s in addition to whatever other rebates or deals are in effect at the time. Now where do you find that these days? Are there any strings attached? Silly question!

If this is of interest to any of my Impala brethren (or sistren) out there, drop me a line quickly, since I have to get you registered by 12/31/19. Just PM me.

  • Randy
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