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Renorodorama, Dent Repair

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As a reminder
Jeff from Beach Cities Paintless Dent Removal will be at the RODORAMA this year removing dents. In 9 years of doing Dent repair I have done more Imaplas than any other car. One of the questions I get the most is (Can you get the dents out of the tops of my fenders? YES) Most every SS has low spots in the fenders from from the fender bolts being tightened down, which pulls the metal tight causing a low spot on the tops of the fenders.
If anyone needing dent repair, we encourage you to sign up before
June 16th. on Friday the 17th at the hotel we will announce who will
get there dents out for free. we will do up to 4 side panels @ no charge.

Any questions please call or email Jeff at
1888 DENTS OUT (336 8768)
[email protected]
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