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I found that u dont need 2 remove the whole rail, jus release fuel pressure, unscrew the fuel outlet retainer clip(this is the retainer that holds both the fuel lines in position), then unscrew the fuel pressure regulator attaching screw & use a fuel line disconnect to disconnect the inlet tube & just remove the retainer clip & put it on the new FPR & lube the fuel inlet O-ring with clean engine oil place it into the new FPR & reattach the retainer clip. make sure to lube the new FPR O-ring (the one that presses into the back of the fuel rail) with clean engine oil & press it back onto the fuel rail & Loctite 262 is an option at the regulator attaching screw & Tighten to 10 Nm aka (89. lb in) or until its tight!! turn ignition ON for 2 seconds then off for 10 seconds then turn the ignition ON & check for leaks!!!! be sure to reconnect the vacuum line to the regulator also. Although removing the rail may make getting to the screws easier, I did'nt see a reason 2 do so. Also note the scews are the TORX type T-30 for the fuel pressure regulator attaching screw & T-25 for the fuel outlet retainer clip. I put a rag under the regulator during removal since fuel did leak out & the regulators does hold a bit of fuel in it as well.
Nailed it! But I would Not use loctite on the FPR retainer bracket screw as the little teeny bolt on the bottom side is hard to get to and you'll appreciate the ability to spin it off with your fingers once it's loose! Also, I learned the hard way that the Lisle or OEM plastic (can't remember brand) as opposed to metal quick disconnect fuel line tool is much more affective at separating the fuel line from the FPR.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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