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replacing power steering pump

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Gonna replace the power steering pump on my 96 B-body, any pictures/help/suggestions? I'm going to try and take some pictures of my progress to help out in the future.
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I have a leak coming from the pump it appears. I can see it dripping down from unit area, does not appear to be any lines unles it is one at the pump.
I really do not want to do this job. Ha ha
It really is not that bad of a job. Its time consuming if anything. The rubber hose off the reservoir or the high pressure threaded end could leak. But I bet its the pump.

I have a leak on my car Its either the PS pump from the front seal around the pulley, Or the AC compressor.. Its too bad its so hot outside you cannot drive w/o the AC on so I cant tell until it cools off.
If I remove the ALT can i see the PS pump better and be able to maybe see what is wrong???
I assume the alt needsto come off anyways?
And the Pully goes through the braket??
To reduce the chance of getting coolant on the Opti, FIRST, pull the temperature sensor in the front of the water pump. After the coolant drains, then pull the hoses.

Do some searches, I remember Todd Stranczek replaced his PS pump years ago (unfortunately, probably before the Great Forum Crash(TM)), and ended up cutting out some of the webbing on the mounting bracket to allow some air around the pump to help keep it cooler, hopefully allowing it to live longer. But it looks like you're done now, so you probably won't go back in until next time.

well, when I saw the pump sitting behind the coolant lines I figured it would save me some headache trying to wiggle the pump around the lines, and it doesn't take much if you pull the return line on top of the radiator first, then the line leading into the block (plus that reduces chance of getting coolant on optispark). and yeah i got the puller from Advance but ended up breaking the handle on it:D. But a big screwdriver did the same job holding the puller in place.
Wow. Can't believe it's been 14 years since I started this thread. Even have a new account because I forgot my login info for my old account. lol Well, I just replaced the power steering pump again (so I guess they're good for about 15 years lol) along with the high pressure line that. The line was definitely the bigger headache. If you want some more info on the most recent replacement and some great tips on replacing the high pressure line check out the newest thread I posted.

Power Steering Pulley Pump Leak/Pulley Removal | Chevy Impala SS Forum
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