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Let there be a reckoning among the creatures of the world's sea, deep in the liquid underworld. Let it be known, there be monsters in the dark abyss, leviathans of the deep, that guard the gates of Hell.

There are the lesser beasts, like the open mouthed monsters from the cold of the North Sea. More plentiful are beasts like the slim torpedoes that arrive from the land of rice, and breed like little rats . They all hunt and fight among themselves to claim who has supremacy of the seas. More feared are the larger beasts, the sting rays and sharks, the lithe corvettes of the underseas, giant squids and their demon spawn, the krakens. But they are nothing. I tell you they are nothing compared to the greatest of these predators, the whales.

But the wind whispers another name in fear of being heard. For even among the whales,
these kings of the savage sea beasts, there is fear of another creature more ravenous and
craven than they. The winds whisper one word, "Killer". With malevolence born of
Satan’s hatred and fury, their twin flukes violently pound the sea flat like hammers on the
god's anvils of creation. Like tornadoes from hell, their jagged teeth set in jaws of steel
beg to shred all who are unwise, and foolish to dare near. The skies may be blue, but the jaws turn the ocean around them into a blood red sea.

One fateful day as the sun reached it's zenith in the sky, while the monsters of the deep
taunted and dared each other to fight, an unearthly wailing came forth from below,
beyond the gates of Hell. The eels went back into their holes, the fish schools scattered.
Jelly fish cooked and popped open like raw blisters from the intense vibration. It was like
the sound of several hundreds of horses rumbling the plains between the mountain peaks.
It was the sound of evil incarnate. The prince of darkness was coming from the abyss
beyond, barely held bound by the chains hammered by the gods themselves. Terror
gripped all the predators, and made death masks of their faces. The water turned yellow
from the fear that gripped their bowels. Sudden realization overwhelmed them. They
knew without doubt, they were no longer the hunters, but had themselves become prey to
the demon prince instead.

No place to run. No place to hide.

For behold, a shadow welling up from the depths overtook them, and from beyond the
gates of Hell, the evil one himself appeared amidst them in the earthly physical form of a
Killer Whale. It came not in silence like a spiders web catching a fly, nor on padded feet
like the dark cats of the jungle. Nay, it came with rage, loud, and angry. He swore
vengeance on those who had the gall and audacity to mock it during those countless years
it lay enchained by the forgemaster and impaled on twin metal piers embedded into the
bedrock of the pits. It wanted a brutal, but lingering death to those who thought fire could
consume the beast. Little did they know that beyond reason, where insanity lies, the beast
was born in the heat of the forge's cauldron, and molten pools of metal. Fire had no hold over it. Fire was it's birth mother, the hammer it's father. It feared no storm of earth, as lightning was it's bitch in heat lover.

"Vengeance... Sweet vengeance is mine. Woe to you all!" roared the beast!

He came screaming threats of despair and d
estruction, and of death from its twin tailed wake, like twin smoking black burnt offerings scorching an open road.

He called out to the other beasts around the seas, and demanded they come near to pay homage. The evil beast summoned them as did Captain Ahab beckon sailors to their death while he was lashed to the back of it’s kindred spirit, the great white whale, Moby Dick. "

"Draw near fools! Draw near!" it mocked.

They tried to Swim away, but it stalked them down as if in play. Closer... closer.

It beckoned. They were held motionless in time by the beast's power.

Faster than thought, the beast from Hell lunged forward, grasping them with cruel jaws. It
shook them side to side like a dog shakes a cornered rat, and savagely ripped out their
lungs. It smiled cruelly. It ate their still beating hearts. Blood lust had seized the creature.
with a hunger that could never be satisfied. It showed them no mercy, as within insanity there was none to give,.

The binding chains are broken!

The gates of Hell have been smashed open!

The beast now beckons for you...

Beware! Beware!

Swim for your pitiful miserable life, for today it has come for you.

It has come for your beating heart!


Let the feast begin.

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