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If its not ok to ask for a none b body part on here, then won't hurt my feelings to delete this ad.

Looking for factory cloth seat covers for 95-99 Medium gray chevy truck seats.
Front buckets and 2nd row tahoe or suburban 60/40 seats.

Anyone that surfs the junk yards like I use to be able to do, please keep an eye out for me.

I found a tahoe at a junk yard in St.Louis with good condition cloth gray seats.
They wanted $150 for both complete front seats and the second row,
but they were cash only, no credit cards.

For shipping cost savings, I just need the upholstery covers.

I have good condition 93 tan leather roadmaster front buckets and some tan interior pieces
if anyone is looking. The drivers is a passenger seat with the recline assembly swapped so
its in good condition, not a worn out drivers side 60/40 style.

Thank you.

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