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OK, Since I opened my mouth and kinda hijacked the previous Multi-Piece Wheel GP, I followed through and got (a little) pricing info, from my wheel shop in L.A. --

I caught the owner in traffic, and only had a chance to to discuss cost of rims similar to the ones I purchased a couple of years back. He said something about a recent (???) shortage of aluminum causing prices to actually increase over the $3500 I paid for my set of 20x11s.

With no minimum number of purchase commitments necessary, this is what I came up with so far:

3-piece, CNC machined, all chrome (to any bolt pattern) 20x11 w/ 275/35s or 285/30s = $4,000 out the door (personal scripts available for addl. charge)

I didn't ask about powder coating or color-match painting of the rim face (spoke, front, ...whatevayacallit) or any other sizing or tire combinations. If there is any interest, contact me via PM or at [email protected], and I will find out pricing on whateva yous want!?$&*

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Sorry bro, I hardly check my PMs on the forum -- I'm better reached through my direct e-mail at [email protected]

If you need or would like my opinion with possible assistance in determining what exactly you may want, I will be happy to give my input. In order to move forward though, it's basically like this: you give me EXACT specs for a potential set/sets of tire and wheel combination(s) -- and I will get pricing for THAT set (or pricing options, for multiple variations, based on your specs per set.

That's not to be taken the wrong way -- I will be glad to make price inquiries for whatever size rims and tires for any car that anybody may be interested in. I only require that I be presented with complete specs of the desired combination or combinations, per set, so that I can obtain accurate pricing.

I only say this in order to remove myself from the decision-making process when someone is considering multiple options regarding final "fit & finish".

This is for the protection of anyone considering a purchase, because ultimately I don't want to be responsible for any miscommunication that may result in a set of expensive custom wheels that no one wants. -- I hope you all can understand that.

By "specs", I mean:

____Rim (diameter) Size
____Desired "Lip" Size
____Tire Size (+ Particular Brand, if applicable)

If pricing is agreeable, particular rim style and personal design preferences or additions can be determined at a later stage.

My goal is to see everyone with a personalized set of rims for their unique vehicle. I offer you a way to obtain that signature BLING, via a custom set of Makaveli wheels, with quality second to none -- at roughly 1/2 the weight of cast wheels, yet upto 3 times as strong!!

With that said -- I'm here to help . . . . WHO WANTS TO BUY SOME TIGHT ASS RIMS????


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