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Road race Caprice build

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I'm posting this build here because of all the performance mods I've already done. It's an oddball but it's a genuine b-body. It started its life as a 1980 landau Caprice. It's currently a lowrider/sleeper/soon to be a fun as hell road racer. It's currently running a built Lt1/t56 combo w/fbody clutch pedals. I have 9c1 12" rotors up front. Tubular front control arms, 8.5 w/3.73's. Boxed rear trailing arms. ws6 front bar. 9c1 rear bar. Impala SS rear springs. Crown vic p91 front springs. Impala SS gas tank. Astro hydraboost. 9c1 steering box. Cherokee steering shaft. Chopped up 97 z28 cluster. Gbody buckets. 02 Taurus center console. The engine is a 383. Has CNC ported stock heads. Lt4 hot cam. 1.7 rockers
Mid headers. 2.5 dual exhaust. Torqhead 24x. Ford 80lb injectors. Fbody maf. Pcmforless tune.
255/40zr17 federal rs-rr on 17x10 wheels.
Ls1 Camaro rear disc brake swap.
Mods still in the works to be documented here are to add 05 Astro front spindles. 05 trailblazer hubs. 06 Gto front rotors. Ls1 fbody front calipers. Mark VIII independent rear suspension swap.
Add the ls1 fbody rear brakes and rotors.
I was gonna add a watts link or panhard bar, but I came this far so I'm gonna complete my dream of a lowrider/road racer. I'll post newer pics documenting all the mods soon. I'll have all my old suspension for sale also.
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Awesome ride! I will be following this! I also enjoy making these giants handle great!
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