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Road Racing Rules approved by BOD

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From the 1st quarter 2002 Board of Directors Meeting at Indy. The BOD approved the road racing rules that we, (the racing stewards), submitted. Thanks Mike Prezler and everyone who helped.
More good news.
The BOD came up with a much more efficient way to develope racing rules in the future. They created a National Rules committee. The VP, Chuck Spera, is the Chair. He is going to pick a few of the assistant stewards to be on that committee. That is such a good idea mainly becuase it takes the whole deal away from one man, (me), and puts it in more hands and therefore things will get done in a timely manner.

I think this is great way to serve the ISSCA community. I volunteered to serve as a committee member to offer my services with drag racing and any other things that they could use my help with. (Chuck accepted). So you will still see me asking questions and giving input toward our national racing rules and events. If you want to serve the ISSCA community at racing events, I recommend that you solicit Chuck with an email. mailto:[email protected]
Thanks to everyone for helping in the past with the drag racing rules and the road racing rules. I think now that Chuck is getting his committee started, that Auto-X rules will soon follow.
Karl Ellwein, ISSCA, ECIRS, WAIL
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Thanks for all the time and energy you put into this project. I think the ISSCA communnity will be happy with the end result. A new rules committe sound like a very good idea. Also thanks to all the other stewarts who had a great input to this process.
I was in NY this weekend and Chuck Spera said something in his ISSCA pitch that I didn't know about. He said that for road racing and autocrossing by SCCA rules, the B-bodies just made the cut for maximun wheelbase allowed. He said that they made it by less than half an inch. I have a D-body, which, I think, has a 6 inch longer wheelbase. Does this mean I can't play? :(

I meant to talk to him at the mod day, but I got side tracked, and when I thought of it again, he was gone...

So, am I SOL when it comes to our left and right racing? I can only go in a straight line?
That is a good question. I have no idea what the answer is. I willing to bet that SCCA would still let a D-body participate in their events though.
As for ISSCA events, you can bet that all B-bodys would be allowed. Maybe D-bodys would be case-by-case???
This question would certainly be brought up in a future rules committee meeting.
One thing I know is that Chuck is going to be a good Chairman due to his good ablility to organize. I think a whole lot of good work is going to get completed in the future.
Well... Hopefully I can sneak in.

I'll keep my eyes open in this forum to see if an answer does come from the next meeting.

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See my reply in the Fleetwood section of the forum.
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