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Just wanted to tell everyone who came up to Napa for this year's RODarama,
Thank you. You helped make it a great event.

Thursday night after stuffing goody bags, I was walking Dave and Robert out,
looked up at the sky and it was clear at 10:00PM. I knew right then we would
have a beautiful weekend.

It all started with 20 cars pulling in together at the Chef's Market on
Friday night. We were a huge hit with the locals. A pleasant evening, good
friends, great cars, music and food, who could ask for more. I had soo many
hand prints on my fenders...

Saturday morning, everyone filled the grassy area at the Veterans Home
Picnic grounds with their totally sweet rides. Just as Chef Jake's superb
lunch was served, 5AM started kicking out their original tunes for our
entertainment pleasure. The weather was warm, but we had a slight cooling
breeze knocking about 5 degrees off the temp. Tully, Moe and Milt busted
their butts all day getting the cars judged. Ed tallied the results and just
as 5AM finished their last set, we started handing out the awards.

Sunday was another great crowd. 18 cars cruised up the Napa Valley making 4
stops on the way to building the best poker hand. Ultimately, Adolph,
PeeWee, McNeil took home the six bottles of Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc and
Magnum of Hess Chardonnay as the winner of the poker run. They had 4

I want to personally thank everyone that helped make this such a great
event. The other NASSTI boys, Dave Valentin and Roberto Galvan, they both
took over their assignments and got the job done under budget and on time.
The NASSTI ladies, Jeanne, Lynn, Paige and Alexa for all their hard work.
Rick Williams and Steve Johns for their unique insight into the car show
process and all the resources they turned me onto. The crew at ISSCA,
especially Bill Harper who shepherded me through the ISSCA process, Les
Brown for making stuff roll up hill, Harvey Clark for staying in touch with
the situation and Larry Hall for putting up with my endless nagging on the
small show rules. Andrew Davis for his beyond the call of duty help around
the fire pit and other areas of the show. Moe, Tully, Milt and Ed for taking
over the judging and providing some of us with our first truly meaningful
critique on our cars. Trent, Zak and the other guys who make up 5AM, we may
not have been sitting in front of you, but we were listening and we liked
it. All of our sponsors, No Limits Motorsports, Billy Boat Performance,
Steve McNeily for his unsolicited donation, Michelle Sanchez, Round Hill
Vineyards, Silverado Vineyards, Robert Mondavi Vineyards, The Hess
Collection, Dal Slaybaugh at VanDevere Olds, Ken at Royal Purple and
Scott-Quality Products. The folks at Post Fund Enterprises and the
Yountville Veterans Home of California. Most of all, I want to thank my
brethren for coming up to our little slice of heaven and spending the
weekend with us.

I've got all the official results for you below.

Other B-Body Modified
1st Place Frenando Radbruch - 106

Other B-Body Street under 50K
1st Tom Davis - 120

Other B-Body Street over 50K
1st place Art Carabio - 98

Other B-Body Stock over 50K
1st place Larry Walker - 89

Impala SS Modified over 50K
1st place Ed Runnion - 142
2nd place Kevin McNally -139
3rd place Don Ishmael - 122

Impala SS Modified under 50K
1st place Tony Hill -137
2nd place Rick Williams - 117
3rd place Reynaldo Perez - 111

Impala SS Street over 50K
1st place Mike Sanchez - 126
2nd place Ron Hazard - 108
3rd place John Hawkins - 105

Impala SS Street under 50K
1st place Alan Cooper - 137
2nd place Peter Thomas - 119
3rd place Doug Foltz - 108

Impala SS Stock over 50K
1st place Richard Romagnoli - 108
2nd place Adolph. PeeWee, McNeil - 29

Impala SS Stock over 50K
1st place Jeff Kuhlman - 130
2nd place Larry Cauble - 127
3rd place Frank Sciorelli - 68

Best Paint - Fernando Radbruch
Best Engine - Tony Hill
Best Theme - Ed Runnion

Best of Show - Ed Runnion

Doomer of the Year - Andy Szmidt

46 paid attendance
50 lbs of Tri-Tip
60 lbs. of Chicken
2 kegs of Beer

Thanks again,
Andy Szmidt
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