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Which showed a Rolls driving down a rough road with the tires bouncing along pretty aggressively. They then blocked the lower third of the film and optical illusion, the Rolls seemed to be standing still (except you can see the background change). Their point was that their very rigid body was isolated from a rough road almost completely. True for old frame cars and new unibody one's if the chassis structure is rock solid; then the suspension can work wonders. Some recent posts here on the suspension site assert that a stiffer frame degrades the ride, adds noise + harsh vibration and even other negatives. NVH. This is disinformation. It is true that bolt on chassis braces will vibrate, buzz, creak and give the perception of degradation, that is because bolt - ons only belong on suspensions, never for a frame stiffening. All oem's weld the frame together to avoid this. When Ford wanted to make the Town Car more like a Rolls (a tiny bit more like) they went to a more rigid hydroformed boxed frame. It degraded nothing and improved NVH.
A common confusion...A quote from the suspension thread but similar to many others:
" FWIW I have ... and the "sway bar brace" (newest suspension mod)."
This refers to the Pro-Touring F-body front sway bar brace. Which is not a suspension mod. It is a well intended attempt at a chassis (frame) mod. The attempt can work if you weld the brace to the frame but the leverage vectors are too extreme for any bolt on frame stiffening mod. All such bolt on frame mods including sub frame connectors, Y-braces and the various G-body chassis braces will move, flex, shake and rattle if only bolted in.
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