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I'm putting this post here because I think it has to do with suspensions.
I am trying to find out what the RPO WS7 means for a 1996 Impala SS. The only references I have found so far refer to a special handling package for an earlier Trans-Am :confused:
Do all ImpSS have this RPO?

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There is no applicable RPO WS7 for a WX3 car, but there is no denying the code is listed--its on my 96 WX3, too.

Checked FSM (list in front) and a print version GM RPO guide. WS7 was a performance suspension option that was used from 1976 to 1985, so what this means in the case of your car or mine, I don't know!

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Interesting isn't it?
I have several other RPOs listed that I cannot trace. Namely: </font>
  • BDL
    CVA (I'm guessing means Canada)
    R7K (I'm guessing means BFG tires)
Just another of the mysteries of life that I do not understand.
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