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2 edelbrock 600cfm carbs. one electric choke, one manual.

will trade for 500cfm's. i'd like to use the intake one day, but if you want it....

header reducers:

new w/ gaskets 3in into 2.5in. one o2 bung. older style efi.

$30 shipped

2 distro's
3 caps, one new, one for external coil
one msd digital hei module
one accel coil
3 rotors one new
1 new module
1 new comp

i'm open to trade's or cash. all of it or pieces. whatever ya'll need.


interior parts (esp doorpanels), 1st gen tail lights, 500cfm edelbrocks, 1st gen camaro parts, any stereo stuff(esp. soundstream)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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