ScanMaster LT1 , brand new , $300 shipped .

ScanMaster LT1, Multi Gauge Scantool 94/95 LT1 OBD1 Code Reader . Works for LT1 with MAF. Wont work on Speed Density Cars. It will work for 96/97 OBD2 Cars but wont read Trouble Code for OBD2.

Caprice, Impala SS, Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am, Fleetwood, Roadmaster

Easy 3 wire hook up (Power, Ground, Serial Data Line)

Finally read your LT1 OBD1 trouble codes without having to make / purchase wires and download programs.

Diagnostic Trouble Code, Vehicle Speed, RPM, Battery Voltage, Coolant Temp, 02 sensor (left & right), Air Temp, TPS, Throttle Position Percent, MAP, EGR, IAC, MAF Air Flow Reading, Spark Advance, Injector Pulsewidth (left & right), Barometric Sensor, AC Pressure, Carbon Canister Duty Cycle, Block Learn (left & right) (Long Term ECM Learning), Block Learn Cell Number, Integrator (left & Right) (Short Term ECM Learning)

I was once the owner of a buick grand national. It had a scanmaster. Years later I have a 79 caprice with a LT1 in it. I go to read the codes with my trusty paper clip and nothing is happening. At first I blame the fact my car was a swap that I bought halfway done. After confirming I had everything hooked up correctly I went to the internet. I found out there was virtually no way to read the codes for 94/95 OBD1 without buying / making a wire and downloading a few programs and having a laptop that will run these older programs or having some super expensive scanner. The wires out there for sale are 100-200 dollars and I have heard people complain some of them don’t work. After reading on the forums I chose to make my own wire out of a serial adapter and some other stuff ( I really felt like macgyver) and downloaded some programs (scan9495). I couldn’t find a laptop that worked so I had to run a wire from my car in my driveway through my window to my desktop. It was finicky to get the serial adapter to read but eventually did get it all to work, after days. I couldn’t believe it was going to be this hard to read my codes. Months went by before into my head pops the scanmaster. If I could remember correctly, they had them for LT1. I instantly went on the hunt for one and I found a few people that had sold some in the past, but none currently for sale. They were rare and hard to find. I was determined to find one and emailed, searched and looked on the internet asking people questions until I found the person who makes them. He said they don’t really sell the LT1 anymore but he made me one. I got it and hooked it up and it works great. I can read all the functions above and most importantly to me I can see my trouble codes but also every other function is very nice as well since my car is a 1979 caprice it is great to have MPH, RPM, Voltage, Coolant, ETC. I would have paid the price for it just for the code reading ability but it also comes with all the other stuff, plus if you run turbo / supercharger you might really want one, I think a no brainer to get. As a person that reuses parts and makes my own stuff I barely ever buy brand new stuff for my cars but I instantly bought a scanmaster. After my struggles of code reading for the 94/95 LT1 I continued bothering him to make more and explained all of this and he agreed to make me some more. Now I have a box of ScanMaster LT1 here I am selling. Yes the ScanMaster for LT1 is back, watch out grand nationals !!! I only have 5 left right now, Depending on how they sell / if people want them I might get more in the future or this might be it , so if you want one for sure contact me sooner than later. I am selling them for $300 Shipped in the US. I have paypal and you can contact me at , [email protected] . Also you can see my car and some videos of the scanmaster on my Youtube Caprice Hunting at, . I only have a couple videos of the scanmaster on there now but will make some more soon. I just got them. I am going to be selling in the forums, craigslist, youtube, word of mouth . I don’t have them on ebay at the moment (too many fees and requirements to sell) , although I do have almost 1400+ feedback , my name on there is, ucantcme. If you want to buy a ScanMaster LT1 contact me at [email protected] , Thanks. -Mike