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Searching for houston inc (impalas n caprices) car club

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I'm trying to find out when the next meet is . Would like to join the club, FB and the yahoo blogs are often outdated. Can someone who is part if the Houston chapter contact me personally maybe leave a number or something.


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Whats up homies... Pm me and I'll get u hooked up with Houston INC

Jesse hooked me up im in that thang. Just posted a intro on the FB INC page,,,Looks like we have identical Impala's. Same rims
Damn it my evil twin beat me to it!!!!

Looks like you got another evil twin, that would be me same rims and bagged different color. We need to meet up soon. I'm out here on Westheimer and Hwy 6
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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