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So I've been doing a lot of online research and I thought I'd decided on a Kenwood. Only the three Kenwoods I've laid hands on, don't have an Audiobook option. Sure, I could designate them as music, but why...

Does anyone know for sure that their HU supports Audiobooks on iOS devices, or positively know of one?

Here's my other factors in replacing the stock non-bose unit.
1. <$350.00 for the unit (I'll install it myself).
2. OK sound with factory speakers, maybe I'll spend a couple hundred for four later. I don't want to mess with an Amp though.
3. Display MUST dim. I do lots of night driving and I even turn my dash lights down to almost the minimum. My eyes are hyper light sensitive.
4. Hands free iPhone support with remote mic.
5. EASY to use interface, preferably with multiple lines.
6. Simple display, I don't need all those EQ lines, screen saver crap, etc. A clock would be OK.
7. Single DIN
8. Would be nice to have both front and rear iOS compatible USB ports. I only want to connect 1 cable (not like some pioneers I've seen that require the 3.5mm and 30-pin iPod at the same time).

I'm not much of a radio listener, maybe some Bob & Tom on the way to work. 99% of what I listen to are audiobooks. I spend 2.5 hours a day going to and from work. Occasionally I'll listen to 60's - early 90's rock from my iPhone.

I do have some pioneer 3-ways in the back, can't remember what though since they've been there since 1998.
Thanks for the help all!
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