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Just wanted to post, since I just took my 95 9C1 for a test drive after installing an HD2 kit. Everything appears to be OK, though there hasn't been a noticeable difference in performance. Why? Well, when I dropped the pan, I found out that a TransGo kit had already been installed! This, plus the aftermarket torque converter (made by Pro-Torque, no idea the stall) indicates that the trans has been out at least once.

I'm still glad I did it, because the kit that was already in the car was either a "short" kit (less parts, maybe an earlier revision?), or else the previous installer left half the parts on his bench. A lot of the valvebody mods were not done, though the separator plate was drilled (and inserts were installed in all the checkball locations). I also found a broken accumulator spring on the 1-2 accumulator. The 1-2 shift sometimes felt, well, goofy, so we'll see what happens as I pile some miles up on it. I'm finding a lot of half-done (and half-arsed) work on this car, and I'm trying to correct it as I go. The shift kit is just one example.

If anybody is going to do this kit on a high-mileage trans, you might want to consider replacing the shift solenoids. At Rock Auto, the Airtex solenoids are just over $17 each. No, they're probably not GM quality, but I ended up breaking the connector off one of the solenoids in my trans (VERY brittle-- I hardly touched it) and had to run to the dealership to get one. Of course, the ones at the local dealer were about $35 each, so still not too terrible.

If you decide to buy the output shaft (driveshaft yoke) seal from Rock Auto, DON'T use their parts locator. It gave me the wrong seal. The correct seal (at least for me), National p/n 9613S, shows up as being for a Turbo 350 and/or a manual trans application, plus a few others, depending on who you consult. I had to run to Advance to pick up the correct one, and they didn't have it listed correctly, either.

I think I have some pics to post later. The fun of owning a battered old police car never ends. At this point I'm afraid to look at it-- a piece might fall off or something.
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