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Hi! I have not posted to this Forum before but am not new to the B-Body world.

I was just talking to my dear friend, Ray Baker, out in Spring Lake Michigan. He just opened a shop called Ray Baker Classics. He might be known to some of you old timers. Anyway, I was discussing my frustration with the suspension setup I have in my wagon. The _entire_ suspension has been replaced, but of particular concern to this post is the EIBACH springs and KONI shocks. I told Ray that I have gotten numerous responses (opinions)from people regarding the quality of Eibach springs compared to, lets say, H&R or Detroit Eaton springs. Also, opinions on Koni verses Bilstein '77-'90 vintage shocks. I had a conversation with Koni concerning my interest in having my Koni shocks rebuilt, converting them to 'externally adjustable' style. The engineer said that they would have me answer numerous questions before they began a rebuild and that they could increase the shock rate according to my specs. Well, that is when Ray suggested that I should find someone with a shock / spring dyno. He said that he has done a lot of research on this subject because of the increased popularity of grand touring cars and, of course, Nascar suspension tuning (Ray used to build engines for Nascar) and the mfg's rated specifications for springs and shocks are not always (most of the time) what they are stated to be. I don't know of anyone who has a suspension dyno and wondered if any of you have had your suspension components dynoed? Ray also told me when I have Koni rebuild my shocks that I should have them set what is now the full firm setting on my wagon specific shocks set as my softest setting and to have full-firm made _really_ firm.

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