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Ok... I've got a bit of a dilemma here.

I have a 96 Fleetwood and I have a set of 30k mile Imp SS stock springs and sway bars. I plan on putting those on within the next few weeks.

Now here's my questions:
I planned on using the stiffer Bilsteins in the front, but what about the rear? I was going to leave the factory adjustable air ride shocks intact. But I've been thinking, would the handling suffer if I did that? Would that make the car unbalanced? Should I just go with the stiff Bilsteins all around? Or try just the fronts and see what I think?

Oh, and how stiff are the stiffer bilsteins? Is the ride comparable to a stock z28 or vette? Or stiffer? Remember, I'm going from Cadillac gushy to these. Will the stiff Bilsteins be too stiff for the caddy?

The stiff ones are the 1104/929's right? Or do I have my numbers wrong?


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I don't know how they compare to Cadillac shocks, but the 1516/1517 Bilsteins that I installed provided a much better ride (stiff, but by no means rough) than the 70,000 mile deCarbons that came off. Next time, I will probably install the 1104/0929 (stiffer) Bilsteins.

Hope this helps.

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I think the Roadmaster and Fleetwood came stock with the same suspension setup. I went from stock straight to the springs and shocks I have now (still no rear sway bar though)... it's all in the sig. I love the stiff Bilsteins, and I actually don't think they're all that stiff. I know I would've been disappointed if I had gone with the other ones. Just my 0.02 :cool:

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Id go with the 0929/1104. Compared to a camaro SS with optional Bilstien suspenison their softer by far. The ride is not harsh at all.

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Don't bother putting an SS front bar on it should be the same. I do not know if the caddy came with a rear bar but if it did it will be the same as the SS.

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Greetings -

I've got an SS and went with the 1516/1517's. (I also have the 9C1 springs)My stock decarbons were shot so I had that nice smooth ride.
The 1516's are quite a bit stiffer than stock "Impala" shocks, but right on the edge of what I would consider comfortable - with the springs. (I'm an admitted wuss in the drivability category.) AND or roads are really bad so I get bounced around alot on long drives.

I haven't tried / ridden in a car with the stiffer springs aND shocks but would imagine (on the SS) they would be considered 'bouncy' or too stiff for everyday drivers. However, I would think the added weight of the Caddy would soak up lot of added stiffness of the 929's. And being that you're using (a softer than 9C1) Impala springs I'd say you'll probably be o.k. with them. (The Imp springs don't seem to last though, and with the added weight of the Caddy you'll be in for a change after a while.)

For the rears pretty much same deal. If however you went with the softer shocks you could always put airbags in the rear's and make it stiffer. (Phew, that sounds kinda nasty actually ) :D

Sorry no real answer, just my .02 on experience.


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96capriceMGR ~ This is a quote from a previous thread:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>The SS bars fit on the Fleetwood with no modifications necessary. The measurements are as follows:
Caddy Front = 28mm
Caddy Rear = 22mm

ImpalaSS Front = 30mm
ImpalaSS Rear = 26mm

So I think I will benefit from the SS stock bars. They are a temporary set up for now anyways. I plan on the F-body front bar and HO rear bar with BMR LCA's. But that's later on down the road...

As far as shocks, I think I will do the firm Bilsteins in the front and try out the ride with the stock rear air suspension... I can always get the rear Bilstein's if I don't like the way it rides...

Thanks for your opinions guys!

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toomanytoyz I have the "stiff bilsteins" on my car and I love them. The ride is great with no bounce over bridges and none of the BS with lowered car rides. Here is the part #'s...
front 1104
back 0929 Linear
front 1516
back 1517 Progressive
The reason people run the "Stiff" shock is because when you lower one the suspension doesn't move as much as stock so therefore a progressive shock will bounce and sway your car in turns. Hereis the full rindown of the Bilsteins. You may find it helpful.

On another not is the best place to buy which ever shock you decide on. I reaserch this for another guy a few days ago and found this...
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> We can sell Bilsteins to the members of this site at a reduced rate.
B46-1104 is $69.75 each
B46-0929 is $54.75 each
B46-1516 is $67.25 each
B46-1517 is $67.25 each
Call 800-683-2890 or
Email [email protected]
Mention this forum. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Maybe this guy will still do this if you give him an email of a buzz.
Hope this helps out guy.
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