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im re doing my trunk and need idea's

i think there was a thread like this but is gone now.

first off the box was made by ADAM aka SHOWSS12

he been made it for me just never got to pick it up. he does any kinda box if your money right. and thats why i have a REG box lol but i got it before an INC meet we had and was up ALL NIGHT putting it in but this how it came out lol


been like that for months *july i think*
but anywayz went to anthing INC member *carlos* shop so we can redo somethangs

you can see his impala in the back ground he getting it ready for paint

i got more pics but im tried as hell

anywayz BEFORE


we still gotta wrap the box and built side paniels to put the amps but until than ima roll like this. but i would like to see anther trunks..

and whats a pic thread without a BYB pix

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ported though back dash? i want this now!
where are you guys getting these back dash port frames? Are you making them or are they pre-made?
anybody know where to get these?
think those are connected to the box somehow or just a hole on the dash? I'm trying to have the box somehow ported up up an open hole in the dash
I found mine somewhat recently. I'll search when I'm off work.

its like 8 pages you print out and tape together then transfer the design to the wood. very very pleased with mine
found it in a post in my thread but it's dead. hopefully someone saved it?
subssonicimpalass- with the crack in the roof 157db. but the car is not set up for meter numbers but im happy with it.

you should open up your own thread and show off your car. very interested to see what you got
check the eBay box volume and check the 10w6s sealed enclosure volume recommendations
looks good. what all do you have?
ive always wanted to post in here! im not 100% done but basically there

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