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That reminds me of when I swapped a new 355 in my B4U. On the first start-up the oil pressure needle barely moved passed the "red zone" on the gauge... I was in shock... my brand new enigne witch I just spent alot of time and money on had low oil pressure right on start-up :(

Then I decided to just ignore the OEM pressure gauge and test it with a known good oil pressure gauge. All was just fine.

I later learned that my B4U didnt have the right resistance in the harness for the gauge, because it originally has a pressure switch and I had installer a pressure sender from a 9C1. It was a cheap and easy fix after all and not catastrophic failiure as I first thought.

A cheap fix is a good fix. Not everything is a major undertaking. The lesson here is to troubleshoot before just replacing parts, and don't let your imagination get the best of you.
+1 !!!!

alot of my friends just throw parts at a problem... usually without alot of success. Taking the time to actually identify the exact source of the problem BEFORE trying any "repair" will always pay off. cwm7
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