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Signing in

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Do we have to sign in every day? I get a "you are not signed in screen" every day. If I am on from 11 PM till after midnight, and try to send a message, I have gotten the screen for the last 3 days.
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I am getting the same thing, something with the cookies or something, I am not sure, I will let you know if I figure it out, I get kicked off every 15 minutes and have to relog in.
It looks like the new owners are timing us out after about 30 minutes of inactivity. Even though I have cookies that allow browsing elsewhere without renewing signing in, it doesn't work here.

What is the reason for this?

It is an inconvenience to constantly sign in. Do they expect that we only visit their site and nowhere else? This has just been in the last few days.
I use Chrome and I cleared the cookies and it keeps me logged in now, before it was every 15 minutes, even if I checked remember me, when logging in.
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one having that issue, I was begining to thing it was my computer.
cleared cookies on the ipad and still getting signed out after 15 min or so.
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I cleared my Cache and deleted all Cookies and and the login problems disappeared. Firefox
I still have to sign in everytime even after I spilled my cookies.
Clearing the cookies, history, cache, and active logins in Firefox fixed it for me. I'll be resetting Safari on my iPod Touch later on to see if that fixes the issue on there.
OK so everyone post
-what browser you are using
- if you have cleared the cookies
- if it worked or not?
Cleared the cookies, cleared the history, cleared the cache. Set up to be allowed in security setting and still have to sign in everytime. Only thing I haven't done is turn off the firewall and I'm not going to do that because it worked before with it on. Guess I'll just have to lurk in the shadows unless I want to sign in every single time........cwm8
Okay, clearing the cookies fixed my IE browser at work, I thought it also fixed my Google Chrome browser at home, but it appears I have to log in every 12 hours on Chrome now...
OK so everyone post
-what browser you are using
- if you have cleared the cookies
- if it worked or not?
Firefox, with all the latest updates.

Cleared Cache and deleted all Cookies.

Works fine for me now. Been logged in for days.
Internet Explorer. I cleared everything and it still makes me sign in.
its weird, yesterday with the ipad at first it went to unsigned page, then safari crashed which usually means something on the page conflicted.
rebooted safari and Im signed back on, tonite still signed on.
cookies only had been cleared before this.

but with the laptop and IE, clearing cookies hasnt helped.
and cant sign in the cabaret with the usual password :mad:
Agreed, What a pain in the balls this is.
once I cleared my cookies everything is back to normal
once I cleared my cookies everything is back to normal
Seems to work. Google Chrome.
I never had the problem in the first place. But I clean the cookies regularly anyhow as a security measure.
Hells, I can't even get into the Cabaret! Not that...
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