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Sirius radio?

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Im going to install my new sirius radio but am at a loss for a good place to mount it.
It will be mounted permanently,hard wired in
I dont want to mount it on the a/c vents or suction cupped to the dash

Anyone have any suggestions or pics of a good place to mount it?
I dont have a center console installed yet but soon.

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Rather than installing a piggy-back system, I would've suggested a radio deck that came Sirius ready.

That's what I did with my 9C1......Sirius radio with MP3 attachment and CD. Works great.....but I do have an antenna pod mounted at the top/middle of my windshield.

Maybe you can return the system that you have?????

I did think of that but liked being able to take the radio with me into the garage or house!
In that case......I suggest installing the unit INSIDE the console.....when you install the console. You both at once ;) . of luck!!!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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